Wednesday, March 12, 2008



After completing the new, final screwing down of the plot am back at the beginning for what is going to be the last major re-edit. I've transferred the relevant comments and notes from the edited chapter summary to the final text and now have to work them in. For Chapter 1 it's working in the setting up of one of the sub-plots - something the reader wants to find out and worry about unfolding beneath the main action of the plot. It feels so good to be working with an agent who is an editor, an editor who really knows her stuff inside out whatsmore.

Am printing off each chapter as I go, to work on by hand. It's the only way. Trouble is it's so tedious having to type it all in afterwards. However, at Monday's writers' pub night, met an American poet who was raving about the New Yorker podcasts. Have discovered I can do the copying back onto the computer bit whilst listening to stories at the same time. This makes it oh way, way much more of a pleasant way to spend a day. I know some people can write with music playing, have never been able to understand that. I couldn't do the actual writing bit but copying out my scribble is OK. This morning it was Paul Theroux talking about and reading Borges' The Gospel According To St Mark. Twice. Theroux sounds great, so much more normal and unaffected than I had imagined him.

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