Monday, March 17, 2008



Sarah Ball said...

How exciting, wish I was at that stage! Aren't synopsis' mysterious things though, you never get to see what other people's look like and it's so hard to figure out what's expected. I used to write mine like an extended back-page-blurb, which isn't quite what they tell you to do in books but my ex-agent seemed to like, is that what you do?

Amanda Mann said...

Hi Sara, so glad to hear you've recovered. I've heard one agent at a Q&A session say they don't pay much attention to the synopsis. They'll read the chapters & only go to the synop later if they've been drawn in by the actual text. So a 1-page blurb seems a good way to go for initial queries. I've condensed the whole thing into a more workmanlike run-down of major plot points with tags that relate to the title, as it's that kind of title, but, as you say, all a bit of a mystery really.