Sunday, March 30, 2008



On Thursday evening it actually wasn't raining or freezing cold. The sky was blue with clouds that were white instead of London default grey, the birds were singing their hearts out and we decided to go into the garden. It's a communal garden so you don't just wander out, you have to do the decision thing - get the key and any bits you want, make sure your hair's brushed and nothing's hanging out where it shouldn't, go out of the flat, out of the front door, down the steps along the street and unlock the gate. I've had a communal garden before & loved it but always ached for my own bit of earthy stuff I could drift out into and slob around in without all the key business. And do all the digging and growing things of course, but when it's a rental you're not so inclined. Over the 5 or 6 moves I've done over the past decade every kitchen was utter crap (apart from one which even had one of those slidey tall larders that you pull out from the wall, which I did about 500 times a day to get my money's worth) - but there always had to be a garden. But bloody hell this one is amazing.

We have a balcony as well, but it overlooks the basement flat's garden which makes it a bit embarrassing when they're out there and you're out there. It also has a grandstand view of Author Next Door's garden which is just too weird. However, I took laptop with me into the square and, hooray, I can get onto my wireless from the garden bench. Not so good for the wordcount but means it's more likely to become permanent summer office. Checking my e-mails, like you do, one from agent in. I'd sent the MS earlier in the day but somehow it had gone into zip up mode so I had to resend it. Thought it fortuitous that off it went from one of the loveliest spots imaginable.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Jacqui Lofthouse said...

FABULOUS news that the MS is off. And I can't WAIT to join you in that garden office when the sun is out... roll on the London Book Fair...

Mya said...

Bravo! re MS.

And writing outside is wonderful.Very calming.

Mya x

Anne Brooke said...

Good luck with it, Amanda! My agent is also starting to look at the revised MS of "The Gifting" next week, so here's hoping for good news for us both!


liz fenwick said...

Sounds bliss although I couldn't look as your garden is a banned site from here!

Fingers crossed:-)

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