Monday, March 10, 2008

INTERVAL III When a 70s icon comes to town:


When teenagers go to a gig, getting hugger-mugger with a lot of other kids is a big part of the attraction. For an audience of this age, such compression's pure horror. They don't like each other any more. They're ever so big and unweildy and they don't fit in their seats. They're stiff and they don't like having to get up to let people by. They have weak bladders, prostate trouble. It's one of the few occasions I've been to where there was a long and impassioned queue for the gents and none at all for the ladies. And the night was long, well over four hours. Some fans couldn't stay up so late. And the crammed hall became not just horribly hot but smelly too. Farty, to be precise. Gigs are hard going for the geriatric. It was worth it to see Neil Young though.....

David Sexton on, Neil Young at the Apollo
Evening Standard 7.3.08

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