Friday, May 02, 2008



Yesterday late afternoon agent sent me a little bit of positive news that was very cheering. Too early to say still but the cold clam of panic & fear every time I checked my email (ie every 5 minutes) has lifted slightly. Can't jump up and down yet but will know more next week.

Meantime, booze. Actually am drinking very little these days as my main drinking companion still under the weather. I've lost a stone in weight this year. That's what comes from having no social life and knocking the homely half bottle of wine a night down to a miserable dribble. What wine we do have I now have to get in myself. Buying wine in supermarkets is so touch and go though. Like moisturisers, how do you know? Are the discounted wines a real bargain or offloads? I suddenly thought yesterday, there has to be a better way & liked the look of this. It lists recommendations shop by shop & some of the highest rated ones are in the lowest price brackets. I bought 3 on Mastercard yesterday, a chocolatey?! £6.99 South African, a sunshiney, organic £5.99 Argentinian I have very high hopes of and a got to be worth a crack at that price £3.99 Italian.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


liz fenwick said...

Hope you enjoyed them!

Fingers crossed the news will come through soon........

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks Liz. So much for my minor tippling, sailed through half a bottle of the Argentinian last night with Dirty Sexy Money. It was really good, fruity but dry.

pundy said...

Great wine site - thanks for the info. I guess you'll soon be checking it out for champagne.