Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The way to the shops.

7.15 get up
7.20 wake daughter
pack packed lunch
make fruit & cold meats breakfast for car journey
pack laptop
7.40 daughter gets up
7.45 drive to school Radio 1 Chris Moyles
8.30 park near school & write on laptop, check emails, check emails again
9.30 drive home Radio 4 book of week (Cherie Blair - better than you'd imagine)
10.00 unpack laptop, check emails
10.15 run 5 laps of garden
10.45 check email, write, check email, check email, chess, write, check email, check email, write, check email, solitaire, write, post arrives, check email, write etc etc....
4.30 daughter gets home, get kicked off laptop, email wip to iMac, write, check email
Decide on supper
5.30 walk to supermarket
6.00 cocktail hour, Ricard, crisps, Evening Standard, sudoku
7.00 check email, print chapter in progress, email wip back to laptop, journalism
8.00 cook, check email
9.00 eat, check email
10.30 bed

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Mya said...

Poor you - waiting and waiting - you have the patience of a saint! There's no way you can really rush or force these things, is there? You just have to be cucumberously cool and relaxed. Yes, I know. It's all very well ME saying that!
Hang in there, my dear. You'll hear something soon.

Mya x

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha--I needed a giggle! But I have to say I HATE Cherie Blair. Don't get me started on her....yuck. Can't wait to see you when the dust settles xo D