Monday, May 26, 2008



Even though my books were published several years ago the twitch of Amazon ranking checks hasn't stopped. Usually a quick click on the novels a few times a week as I'm drifting about the internet, like you do, seeing that they're holding up in the six-figure categories and haven't sunk into the millions. Peeking at one of the non-fictions this morning, astonished to see it in an Amazon chart. Number 94! The positions changes every hour so I'll be back there later, watching myself rising up the heady DIY ladder or fading back into obscurity, overtaken by the likes of Getting Started in Permaculture (96) and the ever popular The Complete Guide To Windows and Entryways (95).

Half term this week. Things have calmed down at home and I've made some advances on the rewrite. The progress rate has been slow, about a chapter a fortnight, but have finally reached a section that's already been heavily rewritten. So speeding on towards the end, blocking in the structural changes now rather than fine-tuning, heading for the first drafting of the fresh final chapters.

A new book idea has been forming and have been doing my best to push it away. I already have 1 75% completed and 1 new outline for my current genre plus a 25% first drafted novel in a totally different genre. This new one being in yet another genre I therefore tell it, go away.

No news. Keep on hearing how tough it is out there so am warmed by having been taken on by agent and the headway that she's already made. Robert McCrum's done his own round-up chart of how publishing has changed.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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