Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Afternoon off at Psycho Buildings
celebrating author friend's gorgeous new novel The Secret Shopper's Revenge. Not only has it got one of the loveliest covers I've ever come across but reading the opening chapter made me come over all wobbly it's so good.

Psycho Buildings well worth the trip. We were next in line here, having a rowing row (you row, no, you can row, no you row, you row), standing on the (very improvised) jetty waiting to get on our boat. Then they decided it was too wet. So instead of floating above London as was the artist's intention, we had to wobble off the platform back to dry roof.

When I got home, publication news of my own. A message from agent forwarding complimentary email from editor at one of the big publishing houses. I am going in to meet her next Monday! It's not a deal yet, we have to talk, but it IS so close I can almost, almost touch it.

More exciting news is another celebrity is looking at two houses on our terrace. Next door neighbour author was here recently, being all very glam and limos hovering outside all the time. Funny how quickly we got used to seeing her though & I fast became more interested in her dishy husband. But if this one moves in I'm going to become an even more unbearable gawper out of the window, tedious name dropper.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Good luck with the meeting next week.



Lucy Diamond said...

Oh my GOD!!!!! So excited for you. Oh well done, Amanda, that's just brilliant news! Will be crossing everything for you on Monday.

Susie Kelly said...

I'm very pleased that things are going so well for you after the difficult time you have had. Best of luck on Monday. :-)

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks! I am not going to believe things will change until they actually do change but it does seem promising.

genevieve said...

Bravo. EVERYTHING crossed.