Sunday, August 24, 2008



Yesterday's morning sun had definite hints of gold. September looming, favourite time of year. Tears and frustrations all put away and time to move onwards. Took the old plot charts on holiday and most mornings spent an hour or so fiddling before breakfast. Story is a quarter first draft complete. Put to one side earlier in the year when interest on the previous novel picked up. Now am starting over. Chapters and scenes have all been broken down and wordcount averaged out and allocated to each. Having it so worked out is new to me. Plenty will change as I go along but feels luxurious to know the main characters are up and running and major twists in place.

I tried to tell someone what it was about last night and floundered, it sounds insane. In future will just say a one line sentence and leave it at that.

Have to think about work as well. Don't know what to do. Back to the TV post production makes my heart sink a bit but at least can do it at home. More time at the computer though. Maybe will do more of the novel by hand first, sitting under trees or in caffs or something. It seemed to grow all by itself before, 500 words a day, first thing. Getting them done within an hour, stopping mid-sentence

Bye bye thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Looks like you're on a roll, Amanda - good for you indeed!



Pat Posner said...

Hi, Amanda
Found you via L-Plate's blog and discover you're in a similar hole to me. Keep 'growing' those words and here's hoping we both climb out of our holes soon!