Monday, September 15, 2008



500 words a day? No.

Mile run a day? No. On Week 2 of fab podcast programme though, thanks to writer friend's recommendation. In 8 weeks should be up to 5K.

French every day? Um, once - did 4 'sections' though, & so can't remember any of it.

Crisps. No, on the whole. Did buy some assorted mini bags of Kettle Chips today but they're not for me (ha).

Bread. A bit of toast... one bacon sarnie or thereabouts...

Still in adjustment-mode, getting used to work working again and fitting it around. Writing hasn't had much of a look-in, thought have spent a day on the plot today and a half day on character yesterday.

Putting everything onto one document, eventually it'll be split into segments but at the moment I'm finding bits and pieces all over the place. Having too many master documents is like having too many calendars or diaries. The plan now is for everything to be in one place under its relevant chapter. Have had to forcibly stop myself researching or I'll have so many notes they'll become useless and timewasting. Character & story development all the way now but I have to keep on reminding myself.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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