Wednesday, October 01, 2008



Stuff novels, am thinking of turning to writing music. My first song's going to be called I know I Shouldn't Have Done it but I'm Mighty Glad I Did...

Back in the summer when the book deal looked imminent I went a bit crazy on the all-cleared credit card, bumping it up with purchases, like shows, that had nothing to do with survival or paying the bills. Stupid perhaps but things at home were so gloomy and dark it seemed like a good idea at the time to have something to look forward to. So there we were watching Seasick Steve on Jools on Tuesday night when Jools just happened to mention, as an afterthought when he was already moving on to his next act, that Steve was playing at the Albert Hall tomorrow. Thank God he did. I hadn't forgotten about it but thought it was at the end of October.

So ingrained are we into not going out to see good things, daughter was a bit miffed about missing Desperate Housewives and I was thinking along the same lines about The Restaurant. Partner's never enthusiastic about anything these days but he did manage to get there with us and even he in his glums enjoyed it. It was such a good show. I've never seen anybody who was, who Is, Music so much. He was lovely as well, endearing, funny and unable to fathom he was really there playing at the Albert Hall after the life he's had. It was the first time I've ever left a big concert hall with the star still out front, off the stage and shaking hands with every person in the audience.

All those tickets are coming home to roost. Next week it's the other end of the successful career spectrum with Stephen Stills. I can't believe he'll ever top a night with Seasick. Am having a day off today. Three chapters are complete and have been printed out. Next question is do I continue editing the next chapters or do I write a synopsis and get it off.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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