Thursday, October 16, 2008



Work work has taken over again. No space to write & when I do get some time am finding it hard to find the flow. The easiest way round this would be to get up early and do a little bit every day but I already get up early.

Must start working in the car whilst waiting for traffic to die down before returning from school run. This was the original plan all along, but other things, like internet email catching up and running and things somehow took over. Didn't even wait for traffic today because work work has a deadline. So it is.

I am thinking about it. Have nearly finished rewriting C4 and have had a brand new thought on the title, my favourite title - a short story I did in writing class. Am thinking it might even be possible to adapt the story and put it in at the beginning. It came second in a competition, more of a prose poem than a proper short story the judges said. A bit of writing I'm proud of anyway. Maybe it'll kick-start everything into action again.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


liz fenwick said...

Some times not writing is very good for writing - or at least that's what I tell myself!

Anne Brooke said...

I do agree with Liz. Creative downtime is part of the process. Sorry to disagree with "the rules", but it's impossible to write every day. Sometimes it's impossible to write every season. And a good thing too - so don't beat yourself up about it.

Anyway, sometimes it's hugely good to write slowly - just look at Vermeer. One brushstroke every week and bob's your uncle. Genius. My current novel-in-progress is proving to be the slowest I've ever written - but I think that's a big part of who the novel is. If you see what I mean. Each book is different.

Love & hugs to you


Amanda Mann said...

Good thoughts! Pausing for reflections that's what I'm doing, yes. I'd so love to be back in that zone place though where all you have to do is turn up and the words appear on the page.