Monday, October 27, 2008



Rewrite speeding up now as am through the wood of the opening chapters. Did the word scan thing for the 'justs' and 'seems' that still knotweed themselves in and have just (sic) put chapters 1 to 6 in the Locked and Done file.

The characters are still fairly vague. Each has got their little postcard full of stuff but I'm not really referring to those and letting them get on with it and develop by themselves. Next rewrite will be more calculating in filling in, changing the speech patterns and all that.

The thing I like best about the Zokutu word meter is the percentage, which is telling me I'm 15.7% there, which is going towards 20% which is a quarter of the way. I have another fairly strong idea for a book in the other genre I usually work in but am resisting it like crazy. This current one is one I'm going to get finished above and beyond everything else. Unless the editor comes back that is and I suddenly have a publishing deal and a deadline. Even though editor did soften the blow by saying things might change in 6 months, agent wisely said far more likely than not it won't happen. I'm enjoying this story, so the less thought about the disastrousness of all that the better.

Another running day today and I shall be off to the V&A. I did it again last week. I saw sheep on the way, real sheep living and grazing in South Kensington. This was on a detour to the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden
which filled the running time quota a bit more interestingly than running up and down Exhibition Road. Then the five minute walk cool-down inside ended in front of a tawdry gold necklace in the jewellery gallery. Gallery itself is wild though. Now I've read up a bit about what's in there will return later. So I moved quite quickly through there to a lovely deserted art gallery section. Looked through Gainsborough's Showbox and flicked through a facsimile of Constable's sketchbook which made me want to get a soft, charcoaly pencil and start drawing again. Then on to a door that said National Art Library, visitors welcome, please come in and I don't know where to begin with that one. A lifetime of return visits would only start to crack it. There are lovely desks you can sit at and laptop plugs and a definite place to go and write one day, inches away from the original scribblings of all those Dickens, Potter characters.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Um...Sorry to be a pedant but 20% is 1/5 not 1/4..


Amanda Mann said...

Arrr! I was going 20, 40, 60, 80 - I thought it was a bit soon!