Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Note to self: Get It Right.

... a pleasant surprise for the poet Peter Daniels. Though barely previously published, he has swept the board at the Arvon International Poetry Competition this year with Shoreditch Orchid, a 50-line poem on which he has been working since 1994.

The Arvon competition, founded in 1980, offered an extra prize this year to mark the 10th anniversary of the poet Ted Hughes's death.

The judges - Andrew Motion, Alice Oswald and Moniza Alvi - chose Shoreditch Orchid for both that and the main prize. So six grand - and congratulations - to Daniels, whose poem takes the form of a meditation from the back of a bus.

"The orchid has much more to do with the longer-term change that will one day take Shoreditch back to nature," he says.

Telegraph 1.11.08


liz fenwick said...

Sometimes it takes a while to get things right - so true :-)

Anonymous said...

He spent so much time over it and it is still dull and lacking in true poetic resonance, If this is the best poem of the year, then I'm John Keats.

Anonymous said...

Very English in its anaesthetised, emasculated feeling (or lack of it). A twee little flower and that ending with its buses make me cringe.A poor poem for the judges to be revelling in.

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