Tuesday, October 28, 2008



I keep going !, no !, really, honestly !. Wake up in the morning, warm bed, peaceful, !, everything'll be ! fine! ! Routines. Stuff happens. More stuff doesn't happen. Someone calls, ! !, !!, yeah !, chit chat ! !!!! !! !, and then... can't talk, silence, collapse. Running away, writing help.... I keep writing things here and deleting them.

Am in a bit of a self-help reading-fest. Alan Watts' Wisdom of Insecurity, my mother's favourite, published in 1951 - I read an extract at her humanist funeral. Moreso though its contemporary Oprah'd-up Waterstones tabled stickered 3 for 2 spawning, Eckart Tolle's A New Earth. Bought as a third of two when buying a birthday present. More of a how-to book than Watts & very much helping in dealing with the ever-continuing domestic disarray here. When I finished I turned to the beginning and started over again.

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Monday, October 27, 2008



Rewrite speeding up now as am through the wood of the opening chapters. Did the word scan thing for the 'justs' and 'seems' that still knotweed themselves in and have just (sic) put chapters 1 to 6 in the Locked and Done file.

The characters are still fairly vague. Each has got their little postcard full of stuff but I'm not really referring to those and letting them get on with it and develop by themselves. Next rewrite will be more calculating in filling in, changing the speech patterns and all that.

The thing I like best about the Zokutu word meter is the percentage, which is telling me I'm 15.7% there, which is going towards 20% which is a quarter of the way. I have another fairly strong idea for a book in the other genre I usually work in but am resisting it like crazy. This current one is one I'm going to get finished above and beyond everything else. Unless the editor comes back that is and I suddenly have a publishing deal and a deadline. Even though editor did soften the blow by saying things might change in 6 months, agent wisely said far more likely than not it won't happen. I'm enjoying this story, so the less thought about the disastrousness of all that the better.

Another running day today and I shall be off to the V&A. I did it again last week. I saw sheep on the way, real sheep living and grazing in South Kensington. This was on a detour to the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden
which filled the running time quota a bit more interestingly than running up and down Exhibition Road. Then the five minute walk cool-down inside ended in front of a tawdry gold necklace in the jewellery gallery. Gallery itself is wild though. Now I've read up a bit about what's in there will return later. So I moved quite quickly through there to a lovely deserted art gallery section. Looked through Gainsborough's Showbox and flicked through a facsimile of Constable's sketchbook which made me want to get a soft, charcoaly pencil and start drawing again. Then on to a door that said National Art Library, visitors welcome, please come in and I don't know where to begin with that one. A lifetime of return visits would only start to crack it. There are lovely desks you can sit at and laptop plugs and a definite place to go and write one day, inches away from the original scribblings of all those Dickens, Potter characters.

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Monday, October 20, 2008



Second instalment of Week 7 of Robert's wonderful running podcast programme yesterday - 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minutes running, 5 minute cool down walk. The back garden became way too small weeks ago. Now the local park's starting to feel limited, in endless running round in circles way, so I struck out along the Cromwell Road to the V&A. Had to run up and down outside a bit to fill up the quota - thought about running inside in the guise of one of Martin Creed's Tate Modern runners who'd lost their way but didn't fancy my chances of not being booted out. So I did the 5 minute walk slowdown aiming to get to as an obscure part of the museum as possible and see where I ended up, which happened to be, after the first glimpse of Mont Blanc sensation from above, in front of the Portico de la Gloria; cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Good writing day today, Chapter 4 rewrite just about there and moving on to Chapter 5 tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008



Work work has taken over again. No space to write & when I do get some time am finding it hard to find the flow. The easiest way round this would be to get up early and do a little bit every day but I already get up early.

Must start working in the car whilst waiting for traffic to die down before returning from school run. This was the original plan all along, but other things, like internet email catching up and running and things somehow took over. Didn't even wait for traffic today because work work has a deadline. So it is.

I am thinking about it. Have nearly finished rewriting C4 and have had a brand new thought on the title, my favourite title - a short story I did in writing class. Am thinking it might even be possible to adapt the story and put it in at the beginning. It came second in a competition, more of a prose poem than a proper short story the judges said. A bit of writing I'm proud of anyway. Maybe it'll kick-start everything into action again.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008



Stuff novels, am thinking of turning to writing music. My first song's going to be called I know I Shouldn't Have Done it but I'm Mighty Glad I Did...

Back in the summer when the book deal looked imminent I went a bit crazy on the all-cleared credit card, bumping it up with purchases, like shows, that had nothing to do with survival or paying the bills. Stupid perhaps but things at home were so gloomy and dark it seemed like a good idea at the time to have something to look forward to. So there we were watching Seasick Steve on Jools on Tuesday night when Jools just happened to mention, as an afterthought when he was already moving on to his next act, that Steve was playing at the Albert Hall tomorrow. Thank God he did. I hadn't forgotten about it but thought it was at the end of October.

So ingrained are we into not going out to see good things, daughter was a bit miffed about missing Desperate Housewives and I was thinking along the same lines about The Restaurant. Partner's never enthusiastic about anything these days but he did manage to get there with us and even he in his glums enjoyed it. It was such a good show. I've never seen anybody who was, who Is, Music so much. He was lovely as well, endearing, funny and unable to fathom he was really there playing at the Albert Hall after the life he's had. It was the first time I've ever left a big concert hall with the star still out front, off the stage and shaking hands with every person in the audience.

All those tickets are coming home to roost. Next week it's the other end of the successful career spectrum with Stephen Stills. I can't believe he'll ever top a night with Seasick. Am having a day off today. Three chapters are complete and have been printed out. Next question is do I continue editing the next chapters or do I write a synopsis and get it off.

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