Friday, January 16, 2009



Have been at the 30,000 words mark for a while. A wordcount Wall where everything stops for re-evaluation. Work, much needed work, interruptions main reason. The structure isn't as straightforward as the commercial fictions I've done so it's taking time. Current work in progress is a total rewrite of Chapter 2, bringing in the USP dramatic selling point of the story right up front.

Am keen to re-establish contact with agent, I want to put a non-fiction credit crunchy proposal to her, but will feel better about it if I've got a good chunk of readable text there on the novel to talk about coherently. The non-fiction, the book I get no royalties on, continues to dip in and out of the Amazon charts. I've just found out it's been translated into French, discovered there on the internet, complete with French magazine reviews. Must contact publishers and try and get a copy.

Sorry for long intervals, will be right here if anything good happens. Meantime, here's some writerisms and other sins I must find time to go through one day. The 'As' is one of mine I've been trying to eliminate.....

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


liz fenwick said...

pleased to hear how you are doing.

Anne Brooke said...

Nice to have you back - we missed you. And ah that 30,000 crunch - know how it feels! If you can just write another 500 words, you'll be over it.