Thursday, February 05, 2009



The car failed its MOT yesterday. In fairly spectacular style. 'It's belching, backfiring and filling up the garage with blue smoke, come and get it and I'll talk you through the list of failures.'

I had a bit of a row with the assistant mechanic when I delivered it, never a good thing when you're taking your car in for its health check. Not a row exactly, he was upsetting me at a time when I'm easily upset. He went berserk in his hatred for the area of London I live in. He really was quite aggressive about it. I was bantering back fine but then I just lost it... in a girly, teary way. And thus it seems the car's engine decided to splat and misfire whilst it was in the hands of this twat - it was fine when I drove it in. His boss is lovely, though, and I've been going there for years. I really didn't even consider that this thicko might have transferred his rant at my postal code from me onto my engine when his boss wasn't looking until partner suggested it. Anyway that's it, the car is screwed, and, of course, they can't work on it straight away, will have to take it back next week. Well, am waiting for a phone quote which will decide if it's for the scrapheap or not. The car is ancient, I should add, an L reg of the last alphabet vintage, and probably decided there was as good a place as any to start misbehaving.

Made the school run this morning, jerking along the A316 on 3 cylinders, going into neutral and handbreak at each traffic jam/red light, revving up in case it conked out.

Have nearly finished writing the synopsis and feeling quite good. My writing is actually making me feel happy. This, I know, as any writer will know, is only a temporary situation. When I re-read it tomorrow, or in a moment even, I will probably revert back to default this is utter crap mode. Beyond crap with this one because there's no in between. It's either really original in a good way or complete and utter nonsense. Also, heard two fantastic writerly things on the radio this morning. Charlotte Roche on Woman's Hour reading from and talking about Wetlands and Rachel Cusk's The Last Supper on Book of The Week - her descriptions of Naples were beyond brilliant in a way that made me want to go straight out and buy this book even though I don't buy books. Listen Again while you can.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Deb said...

How dare that jerk treat you that way. I would love to kick him in the nuts for you. You can come to our local guy who's excellent and fairly priced if you need a second opinion.

xxx D McD

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks Debbie, might well take you up on that...

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about the car - hope it's sorted soon. And glad to know about the temporary writing enjoyment - good to hear!



pundy said...

That's a kind of sad post but the way you wrote it made me smile. Men are twats, aren't they, especially mechanics.

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Anne, and glad you smiled, Pundy. It was a funny situation, being hit with this insane rant for such a stupid reason. The old hippie in me was thinking I must be giving out such negativity to be attracting it and I've been trying to do The Secret thing ever since and ooze positivity and smiles everywhere I go. All that does of course is make me look increasingly like the nutter on the bus to be avoided at all costs.