Monday, February 09, 2009



Having sent synopsis out to be read by a kindly friend am now convinced it's seriously bad. My instincts are telling me that it's time to draw a line underneath the writing lark and dedicate my time to being a little bit more constructive, either helping others outside my immediate family or earning a proper income.

Did some voluntary work yesterday at a travel fair, much as I hate chuggers it wasn't far removed, selling stuff for charity, and though I am the world's worst salesperson it was still fun. The polar opposite of sitting at a computer all day every day not interacting with anybody face to face. Yes I'm the carer of a young person and a sick person so am not a total waste of space but the loneliness is getting to me. I won't stop writing. I have a couple of credit crunchy non-fiction ideas I want to test out on my agent; it's a remote possibility that the 2 editors who wanted me will come under new regimes, or their superiors (ie the salespeople) will suddenly wake up to the gap in the market I felt I was filling; I still do the newspaper column and have done a few articles for a new magazine in this last month. None of it adds up to making a proper living though. Ironically, hugely successful author next door is In Residence at the moment. I know She was once like me etc etc and it could all turn a little way in my favour, but, actually, statistically, it probably won't.

I also followed my own advice and Listened Again to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's Radio 4 Book of the Week I recommended last week and became increasingly irritated with it and was thinking gaah, and I've said how brilliant it is now.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Pimlicokid said...

Re 'drawing a line underneath the writing lark.' Naa. You've done it well before, you can do it again. Keep the faith.

Amanda Mann said...

Hello Pimlico, thanks, that was a definite rainy Monday morning at the end of a long winter misery rant, think I'm through it now..x

Brook said...

Hang on in are far too talented to give up.

Anne Brooke said...

We all have days like that - we have to live through them. Hope you're feeling more hopeful now.

Love & hugs