Tuesday, March 31, 2009



and trying not to be too dispirited.

Non-fiction synopsis now done and e-mailed to 6 agents yesterday and 6 agents today. Have had fingers in ears and eyes tight shut waiting for inevitable rejections ever since. 2 'no's' so far and 1 'maybe'. 'Maybe' wanted sample pages, chapter summary, CV, market analysis and more so did that yesterday.

No news about the ghostwriting.

So it's carrying on with the fiction time. Am polishing off last novel, never finally completed, continuing with fantasy story, and, some time very soon, starting on the new novel. Don't know if it's mad but want to devote 1 full non-interrupted hour a day to each plus another hour a day on each for editing.

Started using Dr Wicked again for the ghostwriting and found it a really useful way of getting a first draft done quickly. You write onto the website, the background gets redder and redder and if you pause for too long it starts making horrible shrieking noises. It's easy to over-ride it if you have to. The thing is it really does stop me clicking through to email and Twitter all the time.

Addenum: Definite no just in from the 'maybe', even with my strong profile, not distinctive enough from the other books on the market. So that's a whole day's work yesterday down the pan.

Carry on. Carry on. Lots of people in this boat at the moment...

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


liz fenwick said...

Hang in there - I think its the April doldrums.

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks, Liz! No matter how much you steel yourself it's still hard to take.