Thursday, November 19, 2009

CONF 607: That's It


Synopsis and first chapters of new novel went off to agent today.

So - that's that.

Either it goes forward.

Or it doesn't.

I like it. I like the idea, I like the characters and I LOVE the title. Tried it on my friend Di yesterday & she fell about laughing.

There. That's because am in positive mood about it today.

This is happening a bit lately. Mainly because I've actually been busy I guess.

I've been writing for a fantastic Guardian/Observer supplement coming in middle of January, all about saving money about the home, and have resurrected an old short story for the Sunday Times Short Story Competition. It was 7,500 words long, a useless length generally, way too long for most submissions. But with a bit of editing down made it fit the 7,000 max. Linking it to a Sunday Times report for the necessary X factor might just give it an outsider's chance of not falling at the first.

There are loads of writers and agents blogging now but not so many editors. Have just discovered my old (as in long-ago) non-fiction editor has just started Editors Online, very interesting it is too.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.