Thursday, April 30, 2009



Well, the business website hasn't actually got off the ground yet. Am doing it already in a limited sense, looking after my friend's travel company for a few weeks now whilst they're abroad. Have been doing that for years now, helping them out. Which is what I plan to expand on, becoming a business-sitter for small businesses plus perhaps a bit of 'exclusive' one dog at a time dog walking which pays OK around here. Or was planning to expand on because there's been a bit of news in on the writing front. My agent met with a publisher at the recent London Book Fair. She was impressed with the company and wants to submit the novel to them. That's the novel that didn't sell last year, along with the proposals for 2 new books already plotted and written up.

As I said, I've been working on finishing that novel completely anyway. Have been back to the beginning and was amazed to find how much rewriting there was to do. That's always been my problem, submitting too early. This time, who knows, maybe I'll get it right. I'm nearly there, have 2 days now for extra tweek tweeking and will be emailing it to her on Tuesday.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009



If you're serious about getting your novel drafted, written, revised, started, finished, or if you're confused about the whole submissions process a very special course is coming up. It's being run by two friends from my writing critique group who are both best-selling authors and, I guarantee, really do know their stuff.

Here's Kate Harrison , author of The Secret Shopper's Revenge and finalist in this year's Melissa Nathan Award:

I'm teaming up with Louise Voss, author of To Be Someone and three other terrific novels, to teach a course on commercial women's fiction from May 18 to 21 2009 in London.
It's slightly unusual in structure in that we're holding it over four consecutive evenings, rather like a summer school. But because it's in the evening it's also suitable if you work within commuting distance of Kingston-on-Thames, around 30 minutes from Waterloo.

Here's the lowdown, but if you've any more questions, do post in the comments (at her blog) and I'll do my best to answer! If you do want to book, there's a discount for signing up before April 17.

From light social comedy, to grittier relationship tales, women’s fiction titles sell in vast numbers and there’s a lot more to the genre than twentysomething chick lit. The vast majority of fiction buyers are women, and publishers are always looking for new voices to entertain, amuse and move readers. This is an intensive course, designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to tackle this incredibly popular – and wide-ranging – genre.

Tutors Kate Harrison and Louise Voss are both best-selling authors with a passion for this area of fiction, and have published ten novels between them. These practical workshops explore the whole process, and are suitable for both new writers, and more experienced ones. The course will cover generating ideas, creating sympathetic yet complex characters, and approaches to story-telling. There’ll also be sessions on approaching agents and publishers, trends in this area of fiction, and an overview of the current publishing scene. As well as group workshops, there’ll be the opportunity for individual advice and feedback from our tutors and the opportunity to send a short excerpt from your current project for the tutors to read before the course starts.

The course runs over four consecutive nights, from 6pm-9pm, at Kingston University (30 minutes from Waterloo).

Cost: Full: £180 (£160 if booked before 17th April)
For booking and more info, call 020 8417 7790, email: or click here for more.

Friday, April 10, 2009



It has been a very confusing few weeks. In my pitching of the non-fiction treatment to new agents have had 6 responses in to 12 email queries. One wanted more detail then rejected, two would only look further if I were to move with them for fiction as well. Checked back with my agent and, am very glad to say, am staying put.

I've retitled and have been restructuring the novel that didn't sell last year and am shortly going to start on a fresh new one. I've got 3 treatments completely written up but I have 3 other ideas to explore further before I decide which one I'll be going with. This will be my 6th. Two were published, the third was three-quarters finished before I abandoned it for the fourth. The fourth is the one that didn't sell, excuse me, that hasn't sold yet. The fifth is the children's one I'm going to continue with but not as my main thrust. None of this is bringing in any bacon of course so I'm going back to the starting a little business idea. Have got my fab Mr Site software and am going to work on setting that up over Easter.

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