Saturday, August 22, 2009



Walking back from the park just now, I realised I'm ready to chuck it all in.

There's a book there ready now and, really, what more can you do?

You can't say I haven't given it my best, best shot.

Bye & thanks.

That was yesterday. Gloomy day. There has been much progress in health of sick partner but also disappointing regressions, as happened yesterday. Waiting for the response from agent to next book idea also ups the tension.

This next week was to be our holiday week but we aren't able to go. Thankfully daughter made it away to a friend's for a week & she's off again at the moment. For me, I'm going to take a complete break from writing and thinking about writing, and also (I'm going to TRY) all things computers. Will pretend writing never happened and see how life is without it. D and I have a couple of days out planned, there will be take-aways, swimming in the Serpentine if it's sunny, movies if it's raining, stuff like that.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

Saturday, August 01, 2009



And so, 600 confessions later, I finish the 'final' rewrite of the third novel. It's all there in a readable format with a beginning, a middle and an end with all the pesky 'justs', 'seems' 'suddenly's and 'of course's taken out.

The publishing industry is going through a very challenging phase and from what I can gather there's very little commissioning going on at all at the moment. I'm therefore content to let the book sit with my agent and not get worked up about finding an immediate 'deal.' Already that's sounding a bit old-fashioned, certainly the big advances are no more. Did you see this report on
one established author's decision to switch publishers?

I can't help thinking that it's all going to be a good thing for the author. I love paper books as much as the next person, and am still hoping mine will be there amongst them, but the current system of returns and pulping isn't sustainable. The arrival of eBook readers means we will be able to get our work out there without the gatekeepers of past sales figures, commerciality, celebrity names etc and let the work speak for itself. This means a lot of unreadable trash all over the place but there will have to be a way, a ratings way that, as with the music industry, will see the good stuff rise to the top.

I've gone one out there already. It's free! and comes with a lovely new website called Make It And Mend It. it's called The Easy No Nonsense Guide To Stain Removal. Would love to hear your feedback.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.