Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Conf 617: How To Make An Ebook 1: The Cover


Teccie teccie now, have got this into Google Docs but struggling with next step... tried downloading image from here but that didn't work. Still, it's here now. Lemon isn't centred I know, and um, have to reshoot for sharper focus and correct ratio of lemon to cloth, and have to get the grain of the cloth going in the right direction, oh, and no title yet, that's been the problem of the morning, getting words and image on same page that can be transferred.

Haven't written novel about lemon and E-cloth, this is for non-fiction book. Fiction flat as flat dead in the water. It's been six weeks now since I sent new novel to my agent and still no news. Meantime busy busy, I want this done, dusted and out by next weekend. The words are all there and am really enjoying all the photography and design side of things.

Ah right. Have given up on Google docs and now downloading Open Office which, I've just been told, can transfer straight from word to PDF without the image problems... let's see..

Success. Thank you Open Office and thank you www.instantebookpublishing.com for top You Tube video guide. Instead of creating the cover all over again I was able to download the cover with overlaid text I'd already created in Word.

Link to book coming up soon. Free for friends.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


nodamnblog said...

Well done, Amanda. I'm shadowing your footsteps. It all seems so complicated when you start exploring all the options, but you seem to be cracking it. OpenOffice is great, isn't it? Best of luck with your e-book. No news since August from my agent re. my updated ms., and no reaction to the current work in progress sent in November. Do you think the agents are starving and too weak to make contact?

Amanda Mann said...

Since AUGUST?! And then November on top? That's, well, not made me feel better exactly, but glad to hear I'm not the only one. Agents must be going through as much crisis as publishers at the moment. They probably don't know what on earth to do with us or how everything's going to fall for them. Jonny Geller tweeted link to this article as the best of the predictions for publishing pieces:

nodamnblog said...

Thanks for the link, that's a very useful video.

We are not alone. I know of another author who's been waiting for 8 months for any feedback from his agent. Sure it must be hard for agents, but don't they feel they should keep their authors informed about what is, or isn't happening? Is that not simple good manners?

Amanda Mann said...

It's odd isn't it, especially as waiting for the first feedback on what you've written is such a difficult time to go through, just a quick acknowledgement would suffice. But there does also seem to be a code, or maybe I'm reading too much in, but if editors like something they tend to react quickly and the longer they leave it the more the agent knows it's not a goer.. I'm resigned to it being just part of the culture of it all I suppose.. Now, when I've got my epublishing company going and I'm looking for authors, communication will be right at the top of the list.