Wednesday, February 10, 2010



In theory finished writing the ebook weeks ago but so much still to do.

A couple of days ago all the stills disappeared from the main document & from every earlier draft as well. Every picture replaced with squares and funny graphics signs. Open Office help is very technical. It took hours to get them back, reduced to typing HELP! into Google very loudly. Through it now. It was another geek thing that was so unbelievably simple as long as you know how - Tools/Picture/Graphics on/off. I know. A reminder, really, to get a proper web designer on board sooner rather than later. I'm thinking of offering a good percentage of every book sold, as I'm doing with the publicist. She's turning out great, doubling up as proof reader/editor plus she'll be authoring her own book in the future. E's from the world of music business PR rather than publishing, which looks like it might be a blessing. An author who's worked in both fields was telling me the other day that the publishing PRs she's worked with haven't been a patch on the music business ones.

As the first one is a domestic advice book with suggestions that certain types of (un-named) products are best avoided, I've been looking into professional indemnity insurance. The Society of Authors has recommended insurers but I haven't got the money to join them to get the list to get their discount. Also looking at registering the website publisher as a company. Tenancy agreements mean I'm not allowed to run a company from home. I won't be setting up straight away but easing in gently through Kindle and, all being well, iBooks when they're up and running. When I do, have bookmarked Companies Made Simple which looks like the business.

We've made a publication date - 24th February. As seems to be the ebook tradition, the first 3 chapters will be free to preview. As promised, I'll be putting a link here to the whole book for friends, probably a few days before that. To celebrate, E and I are going to treat ourselves to a good working lunch with the proceeds from last week's radio show.

Meanwhile the world of fiction remains quiet. I guess my agent's sent the ms to the editor now and I know it could be a long wait. Thank God for other eggs and other baskets.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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Good Luck!

David Miller said...

Good Luck for starting your new business :)