Sunday, February 21, 2010



There have been so many tiny, tiny but important things to do. Have been at computer all weekend, ironing out glitches, making the secured preview copies for the mailing list, setting up the shop on the website, remembering things I've forgotten, screwing up the spacing by adding new things but think it's all there now.

No it's not. Thursday now and new things keep on cropping up. Getting the document onto Kindle was relatively straightforward but then again not. And I keep finding new 'platforms' - there's Smashwords for Sony E-Readers and Mobi Pocket for BlackBerry and apparently you can put up a book as an App on iTunes. But before that, how the heck do I attach PDF document to this blog, surely that's a simple thing?

I'm now going to click Help to see about this PDF thing.....

*several false trails later* Got it, thanks to Here are the first 3 chapters:
Done & Dusted - The Organic Home on a Budget C1-3

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Writelike said...

Thank you so much for this.
I've just quickly skimmed through it, (am going to read thoroughly later) but will deffo order the E-Cloth and Sun Chlorella for sure.

And also, just had to say a huge well done - it looks fantastic, will help so many people and I'm sure it will be a best seller.

Amanda Mann said...

Ooh thanks SO MUCH! Such positive feedback at this early stage is so good to hear. E-cloths are half price in Waitrose at the moment, from only owning 2 I now own SIX and am feeling very eclothrich.