Wednesday, March 17, 2010



I meant to keep up an account of the ins and outs of getting the ebook out but it's been so full on I've barely had time to breathe. There have been lots of little problems and not so little problems along the way but nearly nearly there. I do plan to write down the whole process from beginning to end. Like so many computery things, there's so much you just don't know unless you know it.

It hasn't only been computers. Graphics - gah. After all my work on the cover, it turned out the quality of the image wasn't good enough for magazine reproduction. Thanks to E the publicist's contacts got Daz, a great graphics guy , to reproduce it (with his own improvements) very quickly and the magazine was happy. But this image turned out to be too high a quality for the cover itself so was back to square one reproducing the reproduction. Then the first shop test crashed because all the photographs in the download were way too HIGH a quality.... I could go on. A full on learning process. There have been some excitements along the way already. We haven't started the publicity stuff yet, I'm not allowed until everything is absolutely pristine and ready to run. Testing the shop out is the ongoing glitch of the moment. To accept credit cards on Pay Pal you have to be a merchant. Which means opening a merchant a/c..... which means business address... I could go on. Excitements:

Done & Dusted got its first reader review via the free preview offer on this blog from the wonderful Merewoman at No damn blog . Could any book have wished for a better, genuinely enthusiastic kick out of the door to send it on its way? E has also secured a pre-publicity mailout review and extract via a contact at Wellbeing Magazine, which was what all the graphics panic was about. My friend The Writing Coach gave me the thumbs up in her newsletter which set my mailing list going and I've also got a profile coming up on a new website about doormats! Doormats made sexy I've been reassured. It's been great fun working with E the publicist, just fantastic to have somebody with such enthusiasm behind me. Plus the invites lunches and launches are starting to come in. Last week was the launch of Dwell furniture store in Tottenham Court Road. We both agreed the lighting was the most interesting thing there and very good value. Tomorrow we're going to some kind of fashion launch at my favourite Oxfam shop in Westbourne Grove, then a party at the amazing WOW Woman On Wheels Dancer Di, for the final show of Dancing on Wheels.

No news on the novel, 6 weeks now. But I have clarified the rights to my first novel are mine again, so am very pleased I'll be able to relaunch that with its original title - if I ever get the time.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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