Sunday, March 21, 2010



Ten rules for writing fiction reminded me of that quote by Anne Enright, one of my favourites.

Meantime the struggle goes on. No news from agent on novel submission (7th week of waiting now). However the non-fiction is all set. The shop on my website is now open and fully functional and E the publicist is fired up and ready to go. So, let's see what happens. More Kindle excitement, currently number 4 in the homeopathy chart and number 37 in consumer guides!

A new biog written for a new SEO website described me as an author, journalist and publisher. I immediately got them to scratch out the 'publisher' bit. I'm obviously self-publishing and, though people in the know know, it still has the whiff of the not good enough about it.

There was a little exchange on Twitter about this the other day. This was agent and Curtis Brown books MD Jonny Geller & author blogger & publisher Scott Pack:

Jonny Geller said: one lit publisher told us they publish 40 titles a year; 20 fiction. Discount 15 repeat authors, so slots for only 5 new writers! Tough times.

Scott Pack replied:

Do you think we need to be more creative with how we build an author's career? If publishing and retail slots are tight, would some authors benefit from a digital debut and a plan to establish an audience before taking a print slot?

JG - Publishers need to believe again and stop listening to retailers all the time. Sales are important but passion is all..

SP: You are right but a debut published with passion but not stocked by retailers will struggle. Just thinking there are ways of building authors that may not involve print copies at all in the short term. Not for everyone but worth looking at.

...agree and there will be more authors in non trad route who will make it, but UKs USP is our talent and door needs oiling!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.