Friday, March 26, 2010


Woops. Hello, yes, it's still me.

It's that time of year. All's ready now for the big push on the ebook next week so spent this morning tidying desk, throwing away old paperwork, putting all novel files away, clearing the pin board of years of layers of photos and all that.

No news on the novel but starting to feel a bit itchy about returning to fiction. Was friend's birthday yesterday. As she's about to start writing I bought her one of the classic how-to's - Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. One I haven't actually read as it happens but have heard enough about it & hope can borrow it back one day. Birthday friend manages a singer-songwriter called Anoushka Lucas. She was playing at a bar called Zigfrid von Underbelly in Hoxton Square (the arty part of London I don't know at all but wish I did, even though I'm very old). So off I went into the night on the very annoying circle line tube. It's no longer a circle, can you believe that? They've managed to break it in the middle, so you have to change platforms and wait and it's extremely annoying. Who could have seen that coming?

Navigating dark East London streets isn't favourite thing to do when tired & annoyed with London Transport, or Transport for London as they've so imaginatively re-branded themselves.  It's all so vibrant around there, like Barcelona, and the bar was great, like a cartoon: basement, jazz band, small stage surrounded with red velvet, big big armchairs, great Guinness. Then Anoushka played and I was completely blown away. She shut the whole place up within minutes of taking the stage (with a bit of shusshing from her mum). Completely original, warm and beautiful.

More last minute glitches on the ebook - making my website 'sticky' was the problem of the week.  I'd put a link up on the first page, so I was directing my traffic away from the site before they'd begun looking around. And then in such a way that anybody linking out couldn't get back! Insanity. As I was correcting had a new idea for the front page. What about putting up some of the reviews that have come in from my friends, including the readers here who downloaded the free sample and were kind enough to comment? As marketing is all about word of mouth these days, what's wrong with that? As long as it's honest. Which is more that can be said for many of those celebrity endorsements you see on the covers of print books. Anyway, I didn't see the harm. Shame has to go out of the window I'm learning, so off I went, flagging your wonderful reviews. For which - thank you thank you thank you.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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