Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The shortlist for the Author Blog Awards has just been announced. I'm not on it of course, but having quickly clicked through to a few of the entrants can see the standard is incredibly high.  Have just been reading Nicola Morgan's excellent Help! I Need A Publisher!  & nearly slipped into snuggling down for a good read all morning. First Nicola, then her lovely friend, Sally Zigmond who has one of the most  heartbreaking tales to tell about nearly but not quite getting published (scroll down Nicola's blog to her interview with Sally on Sat 3 April). At least she's there now & look forward to becoming a regular reader of Sally's blog as well.
Meantime it's all gone very quiet here. No more sales from website or Kindle, no more exciting emails from publicist and no new names on the website mailing list. Just to underline it, there's the thud of the post on the mat.

I know enough writers who've been through it to know this calm and quiet after all the fuss and activity is par. Author friends call it post publication depression. As I'm in control of this one, I know for sure all the publicity that's been set up hasn't even kicked in yet, but even so, it hasn't stopped that clammy clenching fear in the stomach.

Going to have to reactivate ebay account and think what can sell. We've just cleared the garage so there's stuff that can go. It's not as desperate as it used to be. Since moving to flat at least roof over head is as safe as it could be.  Insanely, have just joined a luxury gym. Is all my doing. Daughter and I did one of those 7 day free trial things and then were given an offer impossible to refuse. It's only for a month, then can  cancel, and I am getting a lot out of it. My fantasy life really, being able to write, pop out for a swim & sauna, do yoga, pilates and dance classes.

Another spot of brightness - Made in China, the short story I put up on kindle using a pseudonym to test the ebook mechanics  has sold another copy.  It's now at number 13 in the multicultural chart between Rip Van Winkle, 22 Goblins and Wind in the Willows!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Lucie said...

Don't will get there. These things just take time. Keep the faith x

JacquiL said...

Hoorah for being in the charts with 'Made in China'! and this is SUCH a quiet time of year in every respect. For once I'm not struggling with email; I think everybody goes away and stops working, even when we assume they're all at work. Know that much of that publicity will indeed kick in and you have a great PR behind you! Look forward to seeing you and meeting soon. x