Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Have been enjoying this not writing phase a bit too much.  Not being compelled to go back to the computer and the WIP at every spare moment is heaven. The flat's a lot tidier, even the laundry's up to date, ironed & put away, & I can feel a sort of space of fresh air around me. Have been working hard though, honest. But to be able to do normal time off things like lie in bed of a weekend morning with a mug of tea and a book and go into the garden with the Sunday papers and a cushion without feeling an ounce of guilt makes 9-5 an enticing idea.

Then, sprawled, guilt-free, in the garden with cushions & newspapers,  I read  Sadie and Melissa Jones' Relative Values in the Sunday Times mag:    And  'We both know that if you're a writer, you can't do anything else. You can't stop.' Um.

One of them published a novel that 'didn't sell as well as it should have.' Do they ever? I'd say to anybody that next time they're launching a book that's probably taken years of their life and a good chunk of their emotions along with it, not to mention the obligatory file full of rejection slips: mortgage the flat, live in a tent, sell the silver, do whatever it takes and get a publicist. Yes, publishers have publicity departments, but some (she says diplomatically) aren't up to scratch, unless you've had the 6 figure advance. Even then, what else singles you out from the rest of their output?  When you've got your book ready to go, try and find somebody with a genuine enthusiasm for the product to bat for you.  E's passion has been the most major boost on both an emotional and practical level. There's lots of news coming up I'm not allowed to talk about yet. Nothing's done until it's done, especially in publishing, but, dare I say it,  I'm feeling optimistic.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Talli Roland said...

Just hopped over here from somewhere... I feel like I'm wandering around in the blogosphere right now... and I can't wait to hear your news! I'll be back again!