Tuesday, May 11, 2010


All of a sudden London's full of elephants.

Every way you turn there's another one.

Each one's been been painted by a local or international artist.  They're all going to auction at the end of the exhibition to raise funds to help fight the extinction of the Asian elephant.

That's the Hempel Hotel. A great place to go for the free exhibition which tells you all about it if you happen to be London way. All happening here at the moment of course, or not happening. As I write we still have no government and politicians of all parties are scuttling around in the tunnels under Westminster going from one whispering meeting to the next. I quite fancied joining in on the proportional representation rally last weekend, a part of politics I actually feel quite passionate about. If nothing else this interlude will have motivated a lot of sideline slumberers like myself.

Back in ebook world, Wellbeing Magazine have published an extract from my ebook and top consumer blogger Penny Golightly has not only given it a lovely review, she's launched a Done & Dusted  competition! Tomorrow afternoon I have another radio interview, this time for BBC Ulster. I've to go into the West End (yippee more elephants) to Western House, home of BBC Radio 2. I'll miss Chris Evans, or is he still away? Oh, no, Graham Norton, one of my favourite people in the whole world. Maybe I can get there early and hover.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting,  come again soon.

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Talli Roland said...

I love these elephants. We have some by our tube at Notting Hill Gate, and we ran into others in the South Bank.

Good luck with your interview!