Sunday, July 11, 2010

CONF 643: Woops


Busy time getting the self-publishing ebook book out there. Lots of last-minute problems. As I transferred all the different versions to the website, Amazon Digital, Smashwords for iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc I kept coming a cropper. Which meant I had to go back to the guide to insert the problems and discoveries I'd come across as I went along, like:

Tables don't transfer

No colour for Smashwords and the Smashwords spacings rules

The discovery of an even quicker, simpler way of making ebook covers

So, as I'd already formatted all the different versions I had to insert the bits into each one and retransfer etc etc. then I'd find something else that needed inserting. That's it though, no more updates, any more will be included in the regular newsletters we'll be sending out from the site.

Worst of all:

I'd omitted the biggest UK ebook publisher of all: Lulu!

I hadn't put the original ebook up there all those months ago as I couldn't get the cover to download (their sizing rules are quite strict) and I eventually gave up on them as other events took over. However, all fixed now and Lulu ebooks are up and in the guide.

In the midst of all that I had a couple of paying writing jobs come in, always welcome (look out for me in August WHICH? mag), plus a fantastic offer from my agent to write a non-fiction book for DK. Would you believe it though, it cuts right through my summer holiday. Because of partner's illness here it's going to be the first holiday I've had for 3 years. Apart from one lunch on Isle of Wight collecting daughter from friend's last summer, the first time I've left London for 3 years. So there was no way I could take the job on: GAAARGH! Anyway, glad to say partner's well enough to travel now, holidays beckon and all that's important is on the right track.

Before that, though, comes our new blackbirdebooks website, launching any day now with all its beautiful original artwork and logo (by E's artist mum, can't wait to reveal) and free things to get us moving. More of that soon. Meantime read about some spectacular self-publishing ebook success stories in UK ebook blog, now transferred back to blogspot, sorry for confusion.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Anne Brooke said...

All very exciting!! Many congrats! :))