Friday, September 24, 2010

Conf 648: Kindles and Rice

Progress on the home front. Reclusive partner had a visitor yesterday. I realised after she'd gone that I'd behaved like a 6 year-old, bringing my new birthday gifts out to show her one by one. I did try to hold back and leave them alone a bit to let him speak, but every so often I'd bounce back in again saying and look at THIS!

Got Nigella's Kitchen from the library the other day. She dismisses most gadgets but raves about rice cookers. I've never been able to cook rice properly, and Argos have one for under a tenner at the moment so I succumbed. Nigella is so right. It's one of those kitchen things (like my mini-whisk) that's completely life-changing.  You just bung the rice & water in, switch it on and leave it. When the rice is fluffy and cooked the pot switches to warm and stays that way for up to 12 hours. You can also add veg and and.... and... for Big Birthday present

I got Kindle. Was a nice surprise to discover you can transfer your own documents to it: PDF, Word etc and make notes on it as you read. You can do that on a computer of course but reading your own work with that 'once removed' feel is priceless. It also made me realise, with a bit of a start, how grown-up my own ebooks are, sitting there in the Kindle Store along with all the rest.

Blackbirdebooks is all going well. We're still finding our feet and have yet to open for submissions but we have turnover. The How To Publish an Ebook book reached No 2 in the UK Kindle Writing bestseller chart the other day. Fiction will be our focus once we get going. Interestingly The Bookseller reports that the biggest category sellers in ebooks are romance and science fiction.

My first download (upload?) to Kindle was an important choice  - registering right up there with  first single/first album ever bought. I tried a sample of that Booker book 'C'. Didn't like it. Maybe 3 chapters isn't enough to get into it, but found myself skimming those.. Daughter's loving the Kindle of course, & looking forward to having all her textbooks on there. She found a gem: The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld, recommended by her psychology teacher. So that was my first purchase, now existing alongside I Want You Back (single) & T Rex by T Rex (album). 

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, I love my Kindle so I hope you have hours of fun with yours! And I also loved The Interpretation of Murder - it's great stuff! :))

Well done on all your successes also - very well deserved.


Stephanie Zia said...

Thanks Anne. Looking forward to reading The Interpretation very much.