Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conf 652: A (Short) Return to Fiction


I wrote a page of fiction the other day.

I've been so immersed in the non-fiction side it felt weird - but, yes, refreshing.

I then dug out my old file of 40,000 words of children's/YA (young adult) novel and read a random chapter at my writing group. I stopped writing it after my agent's children's department rejected it. I should never have sent it so early. But, as somebody said, the 'composting' has done it some good. It needs a total restructure and lots of rewriting but I'm looking forward going back in. In (ha) my spare moments.  

Meantime it's all go in ebook and non-fiction land. I was interviewed for Woman's Hour the other day. Sadly I didn't make the final programme (it was a Jenni Murray day as well). Being more concerned with chemicals in the home than neat and tidyness, I wasn't quite right for the Art of Housework debate (and if they'd seen the state of this flat!). However, I was hugely flattered to have been considered and 100 brownie points to my ebook's seriously good publicist. It does go to show how the whole world of publicity and communications is what authors need to embrace. To up your chances of getting anywhere, having a pro pushing your work forward has to be a continuum rather than a short-term strategy.

I've just been on my non-fiction blog recommending some budget Christmas gift ideas. If you're a kitchen gadget person at all I'd LOVE to hear your top 3 kitchen gadgets of all time if you've got a moment. Thank you!

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anne Brooke said...

Great to hear, Stephanie - you go, gal!

And can I put in my vote for my lovely hand-held milk frother - it's utter bliss and give me really fantastic frothy coffee to keep my muse struggling through - I wouldn't be without it now!


Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, sorry - me again! You've got me going now ...!

We bought a wooden salad server tool ages ago at a Farmers' Market which looks like nothing, but is fabulously clever. It's hard to describe and people look at it in confusion until we show them how to use it and then they all love it! - it's hinged so one way it's just two lengths of nice wood side by side, but when you turn it the other way it has a spring so you can use it easily for grabbing your salad. No idea what it's called though!

Stephanie Zia said...

Thanks Anne! I've added your comments to the list over at Done & Dusted. Your milk frother sounds a bit like my whisk?