Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conf 659: Publication! (*Clamps Hands To Ears, Runs Off & Hides*)

Ten Good Reasons To Lie About Your Age - A novel by Stephanie Zia Free Sample Chapters 1 - 7

SO - here we are. After a few technical glitches and a last-minute purge of the word "shuffle" it went up on Smashwords a few nights ago and has just gone up on Kindle UK, Kindle US and my publishing site If you do read these sample chapters and think it's something you might enjoy, mail me at and I'll send you the link for a free preview download. In return, if you spot any obvious glitches like repetitions of the same word over and over,  I'd be grateful for a flags up. If you don't think it's a pile of pants and can review it online or on Amazon, even better. Easiest way to read the sample is to select 'Book' view in bottom L corner (where it says 'scroll'), then 'full screen' from top menu.

If you haven't got an ereader, you can download free Kindle reading Apps here for PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, etc. Alternatively, Calibre is a great free download ebook reading & management system for your computer. It also automatically converts & transfers any docs to your ereader in its favoured format (eg Mobi for Kindle). 

In the spirit of Stephen Leather's I Sold 44,334 Kindle Books In December blogpost, I thought I'd chart my self-publication ebook story from the reverse, arse, end of things as it were. By the time I went to bed, 4 people had downloaded the free sample chapters and 25 had viewed the sales page. I got quite excited. Yesterday's check showed that 55 had viewed the sales page and 13 had downloaded the free early chapters. Today's check showed no change. Hmph.

Total sales figure(s):  0

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon. 


Anne Brooke said...

Total sales figures: 1 (as I've just bought it on my UK Kindle, hurrah!) Well done a zillion times and I can't wait to read it!


nodamnblog said...

Not that you're impatient, or anything! Best of luck, I'm sure it will do very well.

Stephanie Zia said...

Thank you! Anne, you've got the pre-shuffle purge download as Kindle locked me out of updating for a few days. If you want the updated version get it at Smashwords using code CS83J. x