Saturday, March 05, 2011

Self-publishing my novel as an ebook: feedback 1 (Conf 662)

A new template for a new era.

Sorry for the long absence. It's been a very busy time as the novel I started at the same time as this blog all those years ago takes its first baby steps out in the world.

It's been a time of high neurosis waiting for the first verdicts. Thankfully the reviews are starting to come in now, all is well and I've started breathing again.

I have to say the whole process has been much more nerve wracking than having a novel published in print. There you have several layers of professionalism between you and the raw audience. You know your agent loved it, and your editor at least. With self-published ebooks you don't, you're straight out there. If the feedback is bad (or, more likely if it's not going down well, non-existent), you've only yourself to blame.

Promoting your work once it's out there is really hard work. I made an online press release and Tweeted it to magazine editors, nil result. I'm getting better at shameless self-promotion but Twitter isn't really the place. Instead I've set up an account in my character's nick-name @LadyGrnningSoul, and she's having a much better time out there.

I also did a good old-fashioned snailmail press release which had 2 positive responses. One from Ireland's biggest women's mag (with readers in the hundreds of thousands a week) who I've written an article for and another big UK mag is considering reviewing at the moment. Ebooks have come a long way in such a short time. When we tried getting my first ebook in print magazines we had a great initial response but nearly all of them blew off when they found out it was 'only' an ebook.

I've also been taking my first baby steps as an epublisher. (How did THAT happen!) I've been working with 2 fantastic authors, editing, (and having my edits accepted phew), agreeing contracts, proof reading and all the rest.  They're both completely new, original works by authors like me who have been published before. I didn't know either author, but had sort of 'met' them both online. I can't wait to reveal these fantastic books. One's going to be our book of the month for April, the second will be book of the month in May.

We've quietly opened submissions now as well.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Anne Brooke said...

Well done - all good news indeed! :))