Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Authors Are Doing It For Themselves - Conf 666

Apologies again for my extended absence.

I've been completely wrapped up in my epublishing site

If you've been with me a while you'll know that the site started off as a small platform for putting my own work out. But over the last year there's been such a prominent rise in ebooks in the US, and now here in the UK. The first ebook millionaire has emerged in the US, and over here my little site just kept growing. I eventually had to rein it in or I'd have spent all my time publishing with no time left for writing.

Gladly, I feel I've now reached a happy medium. I'm working with a couple of fantastic authors with one more in the wings. It's starting to become more fun than just hard, hard slog. Mainly due to the people and the books I'm working with.

My author-in-waiting is the publicist superwoman who helped me grow the business in the first place. Until the autumn I'll be concentrating on just two other books. The first has just come out and I'm getting all the excitement of publishing all over again. I could not have asked for a better author and book to kick off. Lookie here it is at No. 1:

We've both been in the business as writers for a while, Susie Kelly has published several bestsellers with Transworld, so we know our way around that end of the game. Susie and I 'met' on this blog. She was following Amanda Mann's sorry tale of rejection and trauma and bought and then commented kindly on my first ebook Done & Dusted.

Now I can comment kindly on her own. I've just put this review up on Good Reads.

The Valley of Heaven and Hell - Cycling in the Shadow of Marie-Antoinette


I hate travel books and TV documentaries that are more about the author/presenter than the place they're visiting. I want to know about the country, the people, the food, the sights, the quirky details. It's a difficult skill to pull off. Like all the very best travel writers (and there aren't that many) Susie Kelly pulls this off superbly. It's all so relaxed and effortlessness! There's plenty about her own feelings and reactions of course, not least to cycling 750km on a bike with a tent balanced on a baking tray at the back with her energetic husband Terry charging on ahead all the time. He also has a major role to play in the story (like Louis XVI he loves his food). That's it - the way the author merges her own journey, with all it's potentials for disaster, with Marie Antoinette's fleeing for her life and subsequent execution. It's like you're having a long, lingering dinner with the author over a lovely bottle of wine. She's telling you all about her own journey through an unknown region of France (linking you to the actual websites of favourite places on the computer!) with Marie Antoinette at her side butting in, filling in here and there with the historical facts. I learnt so much about the French Revolution and now know exactly why it's become known as The Terror. This book has a lot of feeling and a lot of heart. It's also very funny. I'd recommend it to armchair travellers everywhere.

If you're interested the sales page is here, (£2.49/$3.99/E2.88) plus it's there on Amazon, Smashwords and coming soon to B&N Nook and iBooks. It's also available as a paperback (£6.25 + p&p). If anybody does reviews and would like an ebook review copy, please mail me at mail@blackbirdebooks.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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