Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tagging Tricks - How It Works - Conf 671

The importance of Tagging
'Tagging' your ebook with relevant words/phrases makes it more 'searchable'. Having a lot of tags on your Amazon sales page is the ebook equivalent of getting your book into the big bookstores and displayed on their tables. If a UK Amazon reader is searching for 'Contemporary Fiction' for instance, they'll get a listing of 2,711 products. My novel is currently on the front page at No. 1. Like getting on the first page of Google, getting on the first page of Amazon's search means you'll get many more readers looking at your book cover and clicking on it to find out more.
The trick lies in the forum Tag for Tag threads. Each month new threads open up on the Amazon Kindle Customer Discussions Forum and at www.kindleboards.com. You tag everybody else's books and they tag yours. As these threads run into 100s of pages, the etiquette is to go back six pages from when you joined and tag everybody from thereon in and return to update whenever you can. You don't have to click every tiny Tag box on every product. Go to the book page, hit TT and the Tag box opens up. Cut and paste the list of words below the box into the box. Done.

Extract From How to Publish An Ebook On A Budget - An Author's Guide
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