Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Facebook Book Launch

We held our first blackbirdebooks book launch last week. This was to launch our latest Book of the Month, Susie Kelly's Best Foot Forward - From La Rochelle to Lake Geneva, the true story of her amazing 500 mile solo walk from one side of France to the other. In true digital style this was a virtual affair conducted via Facebook but none the less for it. In many ways definitely more!

Here are a few, as they say, of the best bits.

As the host I had quite a bit of chaperoning to do as everybody started gathering under one thread. At one point it was in danger of getting swamped by lost guests wandering around looking confused. But eventually everybody got there, the drinks flowed, music played and, at times, even the book was discussed.

It was scheduled to last an hour, but, like all good parties, it went on for quite a while longer, with one guest even breaking out into poetry:

"I went to a marvellous party
With Stephanie, Richard and Susie
It was all on Facebook
In a nice little nook
(though that Susie’s a bit of a floozy)
Dear Richard arrived wearing high heels
Which shocked us all somewhat, I’ll say
But Deborah and Frances did some crazy dances
Then suddenly Susie cried ‘watch me, ooo la la!’
And ripped off her dress and dance round in her bra
Oh! We couldn’t have liked it more….
Johanna Wynne Symm

And the most beautiful part of hidden France?:

The best thing is, it's a party that'll never go away. It's all here for ever more. There may even be a few party bags left for the taking. The main 192 comment thread can be found just above the purple chocolate and Jacqueline's cat-molested cake.

Best Foot Forward - From La Rochelle to Lake Geneva by Susie Kelly
Out now in all ebook formats and paperback, UK and USA, a fantastic read!


Anne Brooke said...

Love this new look! The previous one was really tricky for my eyes and I was having trouble - thank you for improving it!! And well done on all your success



Stephanie Zia said...

Thanks Anne! & thanks again..