Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hidden London 2 - Captain Bligh's House

I was actually on the way to meet a friend at the Imperial War Museum caff in SE London.

She wanted to take me around the amazing full-size replica of a 1940s house. On the way I came across this stellar blue plaque house, immediately conjuring up the ship's captain stepping out of that front door to go to sea and returning here goodness knows how many years later. A quick Google reveals that William Bligh not only commandeered The Bounty but sailed with Captain Cook on his 2nd voyage 1772-4. How often must he have dreamed of this place with its twirly balconies when he was in that little rowing boat drifting for 400 miles?

Started in 1866, the blue plaques are one of the great joys of random wanders around London. You never know who from history you're going to suddenly bump into next.

Captain Bligh's house is just opposite the museum park in Kennington Road. You can go inside that 1940s house in The Children's War exhibition, on until 3rd Jan 2012. Free.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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