Friday, February 17, 2012

Ebooks Get Thumbs-Up From New York Review of Books

Alexis Madrigal,  senior editor at The Atlantic, writes about The New York Review of Books' wonderful essay on the value of ebooks:  

The e-book, by eliminating all variations in the appearance and weight of the material object we hold in our hand and by discouraging anything but our focus on where we are in the sequence of words (the page once read disappears, the page to come has yet to appear) would seem to bring us closer than the paper book to the essence of the literary experience. Certainly it offers a more austere, direct engagement with the words appearing before us and disappearing behind us than the traditional paper book offers, giving no fetishistic gratification as we cover our walls with famous names. It is as if one had been freed from everything extraneous and distracting surrounding the text to focus on the pleasure of the words themselves. In this sense the passage from paper to e-book is not unlike the moment when we passed from illustrated children's books to the adult version of the page that is only text. This is a medium for grown-ups.

Read Alex's full piece here. Glad to see others on the same page (sorry), ref my own post of the other day Ebooks and Creativity - Why Jonathan Franzen Is Wrong To Hate Ebooks.

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