Sunday, December 23, 2012


Writing has had to wait a little longer as not had time to do anything this month beyond making books:
Celebrity Cat Names, a richly illustrated, fun ebook and paperback.

Celebrity stories from Cleopatra to BeyoncĂ© revealed through their cats. From the legend of Prophet Mhammed's Muezza to the tragic story of Kim Kardashian's Mercy; from Thomas Hardy's Kiddleywinkempoops to Big Bang Theory Sheldon's scientist cats. A diverse mixture of fun facts about historical and contemporary celebrities, chock full of gorgeous cat photos, quotes and tales, Celebrity Cat Names is purrfect for everyone who loves cats. 

* Who named all his cats Sam?

* What is the truth, exactly, about Isaac Newton’s invention of the cat flap and did he really have a cat called Spitface?

* Who named their kittens 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8, and why did he miss out 6?

* Can you guess why Pope Benedict XVI used to leave the Vatican late at night and all alone?

* Which famous medieval French Cardinal revealed his black sense of humour when he named his cats Ludovic Le Cruel and Lucifer?

* Why does a famous English stately home always have a marmalade cat called Jock permanently in residence?

* Which American rapper called his cats Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra?

* Which famous author called cats love sponges?

Kindle UK £1.95 Kindle US $2.99 Paperback UK  Paperback US

Sparks, an anthology for Authors Electric is a volunteer formatting project, others were editors, proofreaders etc. Some extremely distinguished company in there. Kindle UK 77p Kindle US 99c 

Plus Swallows & Robins, The Guests In My Garden, an ebook and paperback for Blackbird Digital, my fifth collaboration with Susie Kelly, pulling in some fantastic reviews and #1 Amazon France. Go Susie!
Has Basil Fawlty met his match?

'This is another Susie Kelly great read that often had me laughing out loud as we meet the various builders, her local friends, the good guests and the bad who popped into her life over a four year period.' French Village Diaries

'Its absolutely brilliant, it made me laugh - in fact snort out loud - and then cry when her dog died. Susie is a marvellous writer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was turned into a TV series and each episode featured the guests – I think Susie could be played by Alison Steadman!’ The Good Life France

'From Tristram the blond Apollo to Ivy, her cleaner, every character's description and antics adds to the reader's enjoyment of this entertaining book.' Susan Keefe

plus a smaller Susie  Kelly ebook on the side

Plus a little development in my own writing. I have been in touch again with my first agent about a fantastic biography I will be publishing early next year. Turns out she's a fiction, not biography, agent (should have realised), but, in the light of the emergence of Hilary Boyd, 'granny-lit', and the sexy books for older women genre (finally!), she is currently reading my (yet again re-titled, recovered) novel The Born Again Virgin.

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