Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hidden London: Coffee, Art and Wine at The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew

The  Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew
On my way  back from collecting a folding table for our car boot sale tomorrow, I stopped off at The Petal Pusher Cafe in Kew to visit the exhibition of art by Jennifer Copley-May and Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald  and photography by David Bache. This is running as part of Richmond-upon-Thames' Art House Open Studios initiative, which has all sorts of interesting places and artists to hunt out and discover. Kew is my old manor. Jennifer Copley-May  designed the blackbird 'eye' and bird logo for my digital publishing company which is how I got to hear about it. 
The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew
This relatively new cafe ("Fine Food And Floristry" - only in Kew!) is the sort of place that, if I still lived in Kew, I can well imagine taking my laptop to of a morning to get my 1,000 words a day done (of which so far on new novel: 0). 
Petals everywhere
The lovely art on the walls, the smell of flowers (there really is a florist at the back of the shop next to the garden) and coffee brewing and just the whole stylish atmosphere give it all a laid-back, almost Latin American, feel rare for London.

Like Kew, it's casually sophisticated and stylish in a flowery kind of a way. And now licensed!

Truly a hidden London find. I'll definitely be returning to share an early evening bottle of wine in their summer garden. 
The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew

Rose, Jennifer Copley-May

See Armadillo Central for artists' individual sales pages.
The Petal Pusher, 235 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, TW9 2EW

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