Saturday, July 13, 2013

Starting A New Novel: Story-writing Tips from Kurt Vonnegut

Back to writing with a vengeance now. I have characters and story outline, synopses, long and short, and a wordcount schedule pinned to the wall.  The above, thanks to writer Sarah Ball's Twitter link, helped with each individual's story arc. I plan to motor through at 1,000 words a day, preferably before noon. High hopes and the distraction-factor is on overdrive. Yesterday it was writtenkitten which gives you a kitten every 100 words. Far gentler than Write Or Die, with its punishments if you stop writing, and it took care of 500 at least.

Am 15,418 in at the moment. To reach my target for the week I need to get to 18,865 by tomorrow night. This isn't for everybody but I do find seeing the way it all adds up a strong motivator.

Sun 14 Jul 18,865
Sun 21 July 25,865
Sun 28 July 32,865
WALL the dreaded 30,000 word wall. Stop. It's all rubbish. All dreadful. I can't do this. Start again wall. (At least I know it's coming.)
Sun 4 Aug 39,865
Sun 18 Aug  53,865
Should be swinging by now & characters so established in their world can step on to the home run...
Sun 25 Aug 60,865
Sun 8 Sept 74,865
Back to the beginning for edit 1

When the demands of work take over I just have to write into the night or get up early until it's done.

When the daily count has been reached the rest of the day can be spent on other things without worry. To have the words done for the day of a morning really is a good feeling. To have some 'banked' for days off even better. I don't find it difficult to get 1000 words down, because I don't beat myself up if they're rubbish. First draft is all about motivation & moving the story forward. Hopefully it'll start kicking off soon and will feel less like pulling teeth. When the story starts to happen on its own & all you have to do is turn up and write it down is the best feeling of all. Not there yet. Not by a long way...

For inspiration: Rereading one of my favourite how to write books of all time 
Poetry In The Making by Ted Hughes

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