Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To Be A Literary Genius

Publisher's hat on today to announce exciting news. I'm delighted and thrilled to announce that Jacqui Lofthouse's new novel, How To Be A Literary Genius, will be published  by Blackbird Digital Books on Nov 1st. This is a new novel by a wonderful writer, a satire on the writing world that I am sure is going to be enjoyed especially by anybody who has ever entertained the thought of writing a novel, taken a creative writing class or joined a writing group.  It will be available worldwide via Amazon. A summary of the story follows below.

If you'd be interested in being one of the first to read this ebook in return for an honest review on Amazon/ and/or Goodreads, please email me at blackbird/dot/digibooks@gmail/dot/com stating your preferred ebook format: Mobi for Kindle or PDF and we'll get one off to you straight away.

A comedy for anyone who has ever faced the blank page and survived it

Anna Bright never wanted to write a novel. At least, that’s what she tells herself. She has a beautiful home, a halfway decent job and is engaged to Will Isenberg, a Cambridge graduate with the looks of a Romantic poet. When her best friend secures a six-figure publishing deal, Anna remains in denial. But a chance encounter with a famous novelist cuts a chink in Anna’s resolve and before she knows it she has enrolled on a creative writing course, fallen for her tutor and is mixing with the literati.

Will’s writer mother flies in from New York and whisks Anna off to a Greek-island writing retreat, owned by her ex-lover, the writing guru James Loftus. Back home, Anna's relationship with Will descends into chaos and it looks like the wedding is off. An invitation to take part in a televised literary competition hosted by the unscrupulous Loftus creates further confusion.

Under the gaze of the camera, Anna navigates her new literary life. She is part of a TV circus, she has sold out. Will she manage to save her sanity, and her wedding, before she becomes a by-product of the literary world?   

Praise for Jacqui Lofthouse's Novels

“A remarkable, often beautiful and startling piece of writing. A considerable achievement.” – John Mortimer.
“Deceptive; entertaining and unusual.” – Louis de Bernières
“A very impressive book… a superbly recreated historical period and a passionate investigation into femininity, all wrapped up in a mysterious and well-paced narrative.” – Jonathan Coe
“There are many elements to savour in this novel. Lofthouse has a fine eye for the bleak Norfolk landscape and how it both reflects and affects characters’ moods.” – Tracy Chevalier, Author of Girl with a Pearl Earring
“Every word is magical, almost luminous.” – Daily Mail
“Grand fun and quite naughty in parts.” – The Times

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