Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Nothing happens for months and suddenly two lists come along at once. A way of boosting sales is to reduce the kindle price for a limited time and then shout about it. Shouting on the internet isn't easy and doesn't mean 'buy my book' tweets. A discreet RT or two of the tweets of others who are featuring your book is just about acceptable. This is happening today with Indie Book Bargains, a fast-growing UK email/blog/FB/Twitter enterprise who have made the The Widow's To Do List a featured book of the day.

They invite authors to send in their special offers and each day they pick a few they like the look of to feature in an email mailout, on Facebook (3K+), Twitter and on their website. They pick independent reads alongside established authors whose publishers have an offer on. There's also a really useful 'offer review copies' section where you can offer your ebook for free to readers in exchange for an honest review. It's a free service you can donate to if their efforts help you on your way or if you're just plain rich, or plain not broke, and want to support them:  Check them out here.

Indie Book Bargains

The other list is the US site The Cool Girls Guide The Chick-Lit 50: Leading Influential Authors. This came about by a survey of authors online, on Twitter etc rather than book sales. I didn't submit to anything, it came right out of the blue. I'm amazed to be mentioned with such authors and am miles away from any mainstream influence. But all the social media stuff is actually beginning to count. A few days ago agent Jonny Geller Tweeted Franzen's grumble that agents won't look at authors with less than 250 followers with a '371 is my rule of thumb' quip. Superficial perhaps, but publishing has always been a numbers game. Whilst celebrity authors increase the odds of breaking even and even making a profit, new voices are a risky punt with a 90% failure rate in the traditional world. Perhaps, just maybe, I do stand a chance of being a bubbling under one.


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