Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hidden London: Coffee, Art and Wine at The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew

The  Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew
On my way  back from collecting a folding table for our car boot sale tomorrow, I stopped off at The Petal Pusher Cafe in Kew to visit the exhibition of art by Jennifer Copley-May and Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald  and photography by David Bache. This is running as part of Richmond-upon-Thames' Art House Open Studios initiative, which has all sorts of interesting places and artists to hunt out and discover. Kew is my old manor. Jennifer Copley-May  designed the blackbird 'eye' and bird logo for my digital publishing company which is how I got to hear about it. 
The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew
This relatively new cafe ("Fine Food And Floristry" - only in Kew!) is the sort of place that, if I still lived in Kew, I can well imagine taking my laptop to of a morning to get my 1,000 words a day done (of which so far on new novel: 0). 
Petals everywhere
The lovely art on the walls, the smell of flowers (there really is a florist at the back of the shop next to the garden) and coffee brewing and just the whole stylish atmosphere give it all a laid-back, almost Latin American, feel rare for London.

Like Kew, it's casually sophisticated and stylish in a flowery kind of a way. And now licensed!

Truly a hidden London find. I'll definitely be returning to share an early evening bottle of wine in their summer garden. 
The Petal Pusher Cafe, Kew

Rose, Jennifer Copley-May

See Armadillo Central for artists' individual sales pages.
The Petal Pusher, 235 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, TW9 2EW

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hidden London - Noah Francis at The Troubadour

The Troubadour, Earls Court
Last night I went to a CD launch in the basement bar of The Troubadour, a coffee shop, bar and club in Earls Court with an extraordinary rock & roll pedigree reaching right back to the 1950s (profiled in Hidden London last year). The launch was for Noah Francis' first album, Life & Times. It was one of those rare OMG moments when a new act you've never heard or heard of takes the stage & grabs you from the first note. Incredible sound - & what a beautiful man too. You Tube here

An early 5/5* review from the Daily Express has some b/g on Noah's life as a boxer and freestyle dance champion amongst other things...

Life & Times comes out on June 13th 2013.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Short Story on A Stamp

Written by Eoin Moore, 17, at a teenagers' creative writing centre called Fighting Words. Established by Roddy Doyle & Sean Love. All round fantastic!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

New Agent & Back To 1000 Words A Day

When going through adversity I am not thinking Material unless it's wholly internal and personal (emotional) which is completely Fair Use. Everyone goes through difficult times and over the past few weeks I've been having my share. The support of friends and my daughter has been stupendous and now, suddenly, it's all turning around. The weight of worry is lightening by the day. Topped yesterday by a meeting with the agent I pitched to at the London Book Fair Litfactor.
It was one of those dream discussions. They're a medium-sized independent agency with a stellar list and she sees me as becoming part of all of that. Incredible. And Yet To Happen. But what a boost. I haven't signed with them, we could do it, she said, but there's not much point really without a deal actually on the table. If anyone else approaches me I'm to let them know and they'll start sending me flowers and stuff.
I have been around long enough to know it might not come to anything in the end but her ideas and thoughts on my writing and on my future career as an author, and for one book in particular, are amazing. Meantime a new press and publicity person is starting soon at my publishing company who isn't only going to bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas but all of her corporate marketing skills. The time I have been spending on that will be turned to writing. Hurrah & result all round. So it's back to a 1,000 words a day for me. Preferably before noon.