Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing Magazine

Could there be a better place for Blackbird Digital's first print exposure - Writing Magazine:

April edition out now.

Writing. Ah... My own writing hasn't been going anywhere for about 6 months. Editing and publishing took over - it's all been a bit too enjoyable... and necessary of course, and very exciting as Susie Kelly's memoir  I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry... took off on

Now things have settled down, I'm getting my writing mojo back again.

The hardest bit was opening the novel file again, scared of what I'd find. I'm not going to let myself stop this time... starting is just too difficult. I have a few friends who are starting out writing for the first time and I tell them over and over, starting really is one of the the hardest parts of all. At the moment I'm still at the turning up stage, editing the first draft I completed (minus ending) last summer. Turning up and not a great deal of progress either. But experience tells me it will get better. Eventually. I may have said that before.

Time management is the key this time. A friend suggested devoting different days to different tasks, 3 days publishing, 3 days writing, that sort of thing. But I think I agree with whoever it was I was reading the other day who said s/he writes 700 words every day. 500 is too few, 1000 is too many. Something like that anyway. So for me it's now publishing for half a day, writing for half a day, publishing PR in the evening when the telly's on with bits of exercise in the middle. That's the plan.  Hmm...

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