Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lots of Good News For Authors: What I Learnt At The London Book Fair Day 1 #LBF14

Not strictly at the Fair, but first, the difference between learnt and learned had to be Grammarly Googled... learned is used much more frequently in the US, but as I'm in the UK, learnt it is...

I made straight for The English PEN Literary Salon at the back of EC2, an oasis of calm, nearby coffee and seats, to meet with author friends from my old writing group, Jacqui Hazell and Louise Voss. I told them about signing up for IPR License and recommended the free App Afterword which tracks Amazon sales, and Louise told us she'd heard great things about Amazon Audiobooks ACX. Nah I said, only for those in the USA; but a later visit to their stand confirmed that they have indeed just this week opened for business to authors and publishers outside the USA. This is very good news - a whole new revenue source.
The London Book Fair
Jacqui went off for a meeting with her agent; Louise to a meeting with her writing partner and I for lunch with Sarah Tomley, my ex-editor at Hamlyn and now DK editor, MD of Editors Online (just love their website design) & associate editor at Blackbird Digital Books, amongst her many hats.

We made for the famous (Dylan/Hendrix et al) Troubadour Coffee House in nearby Brompton Road. They have a great buffet salad thing going on, I'm guessing for the duration of the Fair. My publishing focus this year is on developing the company and the site before we start growing the content side some more, and Sarah had lots of good mainstream publisher's advice for me and I was able to fill her in on how digital publishing is developing.  BookBub is still the buzzword - again, this is US only, but at least they are open to all comers. It's difficult to purchase a slot with them as they're so picky, which is what makes the whole thing work so well, especially in collaboration with Kindle Countdown. So we talked about how there needs to be some quality review, recommendation initiative that is outside the (all US-based) Amazon/Goodreads/Library Thing rating system - and later I saw on Twitter that Penguin Random House are about to launch My Independent Bookshop which is simply more good news. On top of that The Guardian, in association with Legend Times, has announced a new, monthly literary prize for self-published authors.

Time to get showered and ready to set off again, I'm going to a talk at 2.30 and will probably leave it at that for today. Unless I bump into anybody. Yesterday, I was standing with a friend as they were having a bump-into moment and a not unhandsome man came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. He then realised I wasn't who he thought I was, his face did a kind of combined twist of shock, embarrassment and drop to the floor in disappointment and he literally turned and ran.

Oh, a friend has just called. More Troubadour now scheduled for later... & more fun at the Fair.

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