Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fun While It Lasts

The Widow's To Do List is #4 in Amazon UK's Literary Fiction, Humour and #14 in Romance Literary Fiction. This one is hilarious - tucked in with all the Janes:

It's all thanks to Amazon KDP Select's Countdown system, which lets you reduce the price for 7 days in each 3-month period. The book then appears on an Amazon front page "Countdown offers of the day". So it actually gets to be seen by readers. This is the biggest challenge, to be seen. When it reaches the charts it then flips out to more readers seeing it. It might then find its way on to the 'also bought' sales pages of some of those insanely big name titles, or it might just sink back down again as soon as the price changes. Definitely fun while it lasts.  

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